Why HR Management Software is Important? in Pakistan

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Human Resource Department plays an important role in any business. The HR department deals with the employees and its aim is to bring out best in employees that contribute in success of organization. HR responsibilities include recruitment, training, selection, performance management, motivate employees, workplace communication, workplace safety, up to date with federal tax laws and compensation. Modern Businesses require computerized HR Software to replace manual working and to increase the productivity.


To achieve organizational objectives staffing plays vital part in HR. It ensures it has proper number of employees with appropriate skills. It includes job analysis, recruiting, planning and selection.


Recruitment is most important part of HR. It includes planning and strategies for hiring the right people. They design the criteria and job descriptions. They also provide the training to the employees according to the requirement of an organization. So employees can sharpen their skills and get the desire role in an organization.


It deals with direct reward that an individual receives as a result of their employment. Employees receives their payrolls, bonuses, commissions, vacation leaves, sick leaves and medical insurance. Payroll processing task is most responsible and hectic. The payroll department takes care for the wages deduction and record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data.

Performance Management

Performance management updates with the employee performance that helps to deal with employee. It encourages employee to work according to their potential and give them suggestion that can help them to bring them improvement. This increase employee engagement by keeping them informed of their goals.

Employee Benefit Administration

Benefit administration is one of the common element of HR department. It keeps the information of employee joining date, marital status, total no of dependents, total no of hours worked and attendance record. Employee benefit administration is a time consuming process.

HR Analytics

To increase the organization’s performance HR analytics provide complete analysis of workforce that helps in decision making process.

HR Management Software Benefit

Human Resource Software (HR Software) helps to reduce paper work and time wastage. It provides you secure record keeping services, resume evaluation, preparing performance appraisals, performance management, time management software tool, recruitment and selection, benefit management and HR analytics. PeopleQlik HR Software deals all the important tasks of HR department.


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